Cash Vodka
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The Millionaire
The Millionaire, Cash Vodka's
signature ready-mixed martini
, perfectly "Shaken not Stirred"
straight from the bottle.
Experience the luxury and
convenience of a flawless
martini anytime, anywhere.
The Blue Benjamin
Cash Vodka's Blue Benjamin
is the new currency of luxury.
This exquisite blue raspberry
flavored vodka is crafted with
natural ingredients, delivering
a taste so delicious you'll savor
every drop straight from
the bottle.
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the cash vodka collection

Cash Vodka
Bank Vault Series

Inside Cash

The Vault

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Don’t run out of Cash. Keep plenty of Cash on hand at your establishment. 

Inside the Vault

Unlock an unparalleled experience with The Cash Vodka Bank Vault Series. Imagine a stunning, handcrafted glass bottle, elegantly shaped like the iconic dollar sign, nestled within a luxurious, lacquer-finished wooden box. This exquisite box, adorned with a gleaming gold clasp, mirrors the grandeur of a bank vault, making it not just a bottle of vodka but a statement piece. Indulge in the epitome of opulence and elevate your spirits collection with this remarkable masterpiece.

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